Joanna Slawinska, Ph.D

SpecialityResearch Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Dartmouth College
dartmouth college

Joanna Slawinska is a Research Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Dartmouth College. She has a masters degree in physics with a focus on asteroseismology and also PhD in computational geophysicsfrom University of Warsaw, and she has also received a postdoctoral research training in applied mathematics from Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. Subsequently, Joanna Slawinska has worked in the newly established Center for Prototype Climate Modeling at NewYork University Abu Dhabi and Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence at the University of Helsinki, among others.

Joanna Slawinska has extensive expertise on data-driven methods for dynamical systems, and their applications to various fields of physics, such as extraction and predictions of spatiotemporal patterns in atmospheric and oceanic flows. Current interests include quantum computing and AI approaches to probabilistic predictions of complex systems. Recent and relevant papers co-authored by her include ‘Embedding classical dynamics in a quantum computer’ (Phys. Rev. A), ‘Data Assimilation in Operator Algebras‘ (PNAS), or ‘Quantum Mechanics for Closure of Dynamical Systems’ (SIAM Multiscale Modeling & Simulation).

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