Karl Thibault, Ph.D

SpecialityCoordonnateur, Institut quantique - Université de Sherbrooke

Karl Thibault holds a PhD in physics and is part of the development team at the Institut quantique (IQ) of the Université de Sherbrooke as Operations and Talent Development Officer. His work has led him to forge links with several key players in the quantum ecosystem while assessing the potential for collaboration with IQ, particularly in the development of the Quantum Fablab’s experimental platform. He regularly participates in the organization of international conferences, and is currently working on setting up new training, student entrepreneurship, mentoring and science popularization programs, as well as on the democratization of quantum technologies. He is also interested in the interface between quantum and climate sciences, which led him to co-found the Q4Climate (quantum for climate) initiative and to design a research project on the life-cycle analysis of quantum computing technologies.


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