Paul Dabbar

SpecialityCo-founder and CEO of Bohr Quantum Technology

The Honorable Paul M. Dabbar is co-founder and CEO of Bohr Quantum Technology, a spin-out of Caltech focused on developing networking technologies for the emerging quantum internet.  He is also a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Columbia University

Prior to that, he was Under Secretary for Science at the U.S. Department of Energy, leading the Department’s efforts in fundamental energy, science, and commercialization of technologies.  He managed 65,000 people and deployed $15BN p.a. at the 17 national labs, U.S. universities, and international collaborations including at CERN.  While Under Secretary, he led the five-times increase in quantum research budget at the Department.  He helped draft the National Quantum Initiative Act and testified before Congress in support of the legislation.  Subsequently he managed the majority of the NQI efforts, including the creation of the five National Quantum Initiative Research Centers.  He also generated the Quantum Internet Blueprint project, and was a co-author of the published plan.  He also has extensive experience in investing in energy and technology, and was a nuclear submarine officer.

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